[Book Review]: Dag Heward-Mills’ Those who honor you (Chapter 1)

His book reflects on meaning, which is often ignored in our collaboration. It delves into the interplay between “Loyalty and Disloyalty.” The Parchment House published it in 2019, and the first printing appeared the same year.

“Give all what you owe them: to those who raise them pay your taxes and fees, and to those who have jurisdiction give reverence and honor.” This verse would make you doubtful about your failure to respect your present government and leadership style, but certainly he has a logical answer: “Not everyone is honorable. But certain citizens are owed honor” were the words of the Biblical Apostle in Rome “and must receive their proper respect”.

There is a catchy section that caused me to question my logic, and it is here that Dag said unequivocally, “Honor is not important in your relationship with friends, cousins, acquaintances and schoolmates.” He went on to say that “…is important in your relationship with God…” as well as your religious leader, “your spouse and other authority figures” in your life in your life. This is due to the fact that he wrote from the perspective of a priest. The book is intended to prepare people in ministry, with an emphasis on the person of God, but it is also useful for admonishing everyone who may think. “Christians are honoring family more than God. They do things to please wives and children than to please God”

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[Book review]: Dag heward-mills’ Those who honor you (chapter 1) – RoughTable (wordpress.com)

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