The past week was filled with gloom across the nation. Where Nigeria missed it, no one can tell. The blame is usually about the kind of leaders we have in the country but with every passing day, we are made to see how it revolves around the average citizen. It is just that the average citizen eventually vies to lead the country and attains power and now he has the power to unleash his inner minions. 

In recent days, Nigerians have now turned to beggars at the feet of their leaders to be heard in the glaring situations that affect the country. No part of the country is safe. The safest part of the country is probably the Presidential Villa and this is because the president lives there and it actually should be the safest place in the country. But we could be wrong too. But that is not the point. The fact that the security situation in the country has become more despicable than it has ever been in the nearly 61 years of independence of Nigeria is alarming. At no point in Nigeria’s existence have Nigerians ever felt unsafe as they do today.

No one is left out. Boko Haram used to be the major security challenge facing the country, but now there are a lot of groups attacking innocent citizens in broad daylight and nothing is being done about it. Recently, bandits have now become a new thing. Now we have Boko Haram, bandits, unknown gunmen (Why they are called unknown makes no sense), cultists, herdsmen (It is really weird how nomadic farmers have now become a threat to life), and others, unmentioned criminals. These people have made living very difficult for the average citizen and it becomes worse when we realize they are been sponsored by people too. For how long do we have to live with innocent people being killed every day and nothing is being done to change the narrative?

Youths are the leaders of tomorrow, so they say but they are the same set of people that are prone to the incessant attacks. Not like any set of persons should claim the highest amount of killed people, but the attacks on innocent youths who decide to further their lives in school are heinous. Recently, the attack on Greenfield University, Kaduna students and staff has been on the lips of most social media users. The bandits that kidnapped these students have killed five (5) of them and are still demanding ₦100 Million and 10 motorcycles before the other students can be released, else they would kill them. They gave a deadline of Tuesday, May 4, 2021, for this ransom to be paid and as at the time of writing this piece, only one student has been released.

The Federal Government and the Kaduna State governments have vowed that they are working hard to ensure the students are recovered safely but for how long do we have to be kidnapped first before we can guarantee our safety? Some people go about their normal duties and someone somewhere decides to kidnap and kill them just because he wants to have money. That is the height of inhumanness and we cannot continue like this. The government needs to step up on its responsibility to keep the lives and properties of every citizen safe. 

The government alone cannot do justice to getting a better society, citizens have active roles to play in it. A graduate recently went job-hunting and was later reported missing only to be found raped and killed by the supposed interviewers. It just shows how people have evil plans at heart and are only waiting for the right time to unleash them. Dear reader, many souls have been lost innocently as a result of the government’s negligence and citizens’ inhumanity. You can be better and change the narrative. Of what use is to be evil?

Till we meet in the tenth week, stay safe.

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