“Good morning, everyone.” Chairman motions with his hands as if he were a prisoner who had just been released and acquitted. He went on to say, “We hope you are pleased to be here. Welcome to the 400 level. The Dean of the Faculty greets you, and here are the members of your practical team.”

The first greeting fumed as we pressed our hands together to greet Father Ria and his men from the Farmpractise. Farmpractise is a year of practical assessment for students in their penultimate year. We either stood akimbo, leaned against the lightly painted dusty wall, picked our nails, or sat on the floor to listen to them. The Lambo Lecture Theatre has fewer than a thousand seats, but the school has managed to cram a large number of students into it because they are there to learn, not to be comfortable. They might even call it worldliness to be so convenient.

The hall was redesigned four years ago, and new seats made of black leather, soft foam, and very light plank were installed. Insiders even told us that the renovation budget was higher than what they made, but what do we know? We were ecstatic as the contract workers naked the broken seats in sweat with their big flat chest, and we couldn’t wait to bid the time of sitting on the floor or broken seat farewell. The Vice Chancellor of Rombo University cut the ribbon at the end of the renovation.

We were greeted by Father Ria, who gave us a warm welcome. He was a doctor and the practice’s chairman before becoming a Professor in the Herdsmen department. He had chuckled with us and had a few conversations with several students before the presentation, including the fine and coke-bottle-shaped ladies.

We were stunned to hear that the chairman was abruptly challenged by Dr. Rockie, the former dean of Nomads’ faculty, who did not later bother to take a complete realistic session to his students.

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